Jump to this slide & set textentry to blank not working

Mar 04, 2022

Hello I'm working on a simulation of a old software that is heavily keyboard based and I'm running into difficulty with the try mode. I've recorded the videos, imported them in try mode and the relevant question slides were created correctly. On steps where the user needs to type a value in a text field I'm attempting to add triggers to reset text entry fields when the user enters the wrong text.

So far, I have tried

1. Set a trigger for the Try Again button on the Try Again layer to jump to this slide on press

2. On the main layer of the slide I have set a trigger to change the textentry to (blank) on the start of the timeline 

3. In the slide properties I've set When revisiting to reset to initial state

The behaviour I'm observing is that the Try Again layer hides on press of the Try Again button but the jump to slide does not seem to be resetting the text entry field (leading me to believe the slide is not resetting). I've also tried adding a trigger to the Try Again button to change textentry to blank on press, but nothing seems to happen. The problem is that the user must then backspace out the incorrect entry and type the correct answer before being able proceed. My ideal situation is that the text field resets to blank when the Try Again button is pushed.

Any guidance or suggestions would be appreciated.

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