Text entry without a Submit button

Is there anyway to set up a Text Entry object to jump to the next slide when the correct characters are entered and no other action takes place.

In other words - no submit button or user action of any kind other than typing the correct string. Simply a situation where the "entered" characters are evaluated until the correct string is entered and then automatically advance to the next slide.

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Brian Higgins

Thank you all.
Dennis, your approach was interesting, and I thought I might be able to use it but the character string I am forced to work with is a specific 5 numeral string that starts and ends with a zero. Which wont work because if I make the zero key stroke cause the action to fire, it will do it on the first one and not the last. Unfortunately the only way to use this technique is to come up with an other example from my app where there are no repeating numerals. Not possible at this point.

The thing is I am trying to create a simulation of a computer app, that automatically generates or displays a result (my next slide) when the user enters a string of five numerals into the text field.

I know how to do this in a competing development tool, but it looks like it is just not possible in Storyline.

Jacob Selin

I must say that i dont really understand the problem. 
You want Storyline to evaluate a string and send the user to next page when that string is entered.
That exactly what my demo does. However the user also needs to press return.
BUT, when you the users already presses five keys on the keyboard its not to much effort to press another one.  

Bj Wilson

I was able to do this by creating a text box and assigning a trigger to jump to the next slide with the condition that when control looses focus that the text entry is equal to.... your choice here. The user just needs to click outside the textbox after typing the string and you are automatically sent  to the next slide. If the correct text is not entered nothing happens.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Brian

I have done something where it depends on the timeline (could be flaky) ...timeline set to 4 secs and I have an offscreen variable that triggers.

There have been quite a few threads of people wanting this feature, but agree with Jacob, as it stands it would normally be a user click of something to get them to the next slide

Brian Higgins

Again, Thank you all.

I see that I was not very clear. The problem is this:

I am creating a simulation of an existing application that evaluates the user's text entry on the fly and  displays a result based solely on that entry. It must, I repeat must mimic the application exactly. My stake holder, i.e. client has deemed that it is unacceptable to ask the user to do something in the simulation that the application does not actually require.

So, after typing a specifiic string of five numerals, it must advance automatically to the next slide without any additional clicks. So that means: no Submit button; no cliicking on the screen in some other location; no pressing on the enter key.

I have been able to acheive this in a competing elearning authoring program because I can have it evalutate the value in a variable every second or two.  That approach can be a bit sluggish but at least it is accurate.

Again, Thank you all. I truely appreciate the thought that you went to on my behalf.

Jacob Selin

Ohh, thats makes its clearer Brian. 

I see in the thread that you will evaluate a string that consist of two zeros (ie starting with one and ending with one.
Perhaps its possible to somehow use that for a variable.

For exampel.
Jump to slide - Next slide - when uses presses 0  

IF (Variable that counts if zero has been presses twice = 2) 
AND if textentry = The string you wanted.

Todd Haynes

I'm seeing threads going back 5 years on this.

I need a simple login interaction, where the learner types a username and a password. I don't want them to hit Enter to submit the text entries, because that's not how the real form works.

If the string is "myname123", I've tried everything I can think of. I set the "Submit Key" value to "3" in the text entry Form. I also tried to add a trigger to submit the text entry if a keypress of 3 occurred. 

Does storyline still require a Enter key to submit all text entries? Please tell me "No!".... 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Todd!

So, in the real scenario, how does the user 'complete' the login? Is there a login button perhaps?

You should be able to set a trigger, as BJ shared above, of when the control loses focus.

Also, what version of Storyline are you using?

If you have a .story file for us to take a peek at, that would be helpful as well.

Todd Haynes

My company has online forms with up to 20 fields. The user would type a value in a field and press Tab or click in the next field to continue. Hitting Enter after you type in a form field is NOT the way it works in real life (it would submit the form).

Actually we found a workaround with triggers yesterday, but discovered the HTML5 version works for Storyline 2, but not for 360! https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/using-tab-as-a-submit-key-in-a-text-entry-interaction?page=2

My team also tested the Submit Key field in the Graded Question form does nothing. We entered in different keys, and none of them triggered the submission of the question in Preview or when published as HTML5 using Storyline 360.

Brian Huseman

Brian Higgins

I am working on what sound like the same issue. I have figured out how to accomplish everything except one aggravating detail. I’ll spell out I got where I am and then bring the bad news in at the end.

I will assume here that you already have the text entry fields created.

Created is trigger. Jump to next slide-When user presses the Tab key-If TextEntryX is equal to, ignore case XYZ.
Created is trigger. Show layer incorrect-When the user presses the Tan key-If TextEntryX is not equal to, ignore case XYZ
There should already be a trigger created by the TextEntry filed titled “Text Entry” Set TextEntryX equal to the typed value-When the control loses focus
In preview, it works great and I can go through 10 fields (1 field per slide) by typing in the field and pressing tab key.

Here is the bad news. In Review, you must click in the field before you type. Even though you can see the cursor blinking in the field. It seems the focus is not automatically on the Text entry field and I haven't found a way to make it. 


Bruce Fleischacker

Has anyone tried this in Storyline 360 with HTML5 format? I'm not getting it to work. I want the user to enter a date, and if it's the correct date, the next slide pops up. If it's the wrong date, the Try Again message pops up, the user clicks Try Again, and the slide is reset and allows another attempt. When the correct date is entered, nothing happens. I must press Enter to move to the next slide, but I want an automatic advancement to the next slide.

Brian Huseman

Without some kind of action there is no way of knowing the learner has completed their entry and is ready to submit.

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Bruce Fleischacker

I thought the Submit Keys in Form View are a way to submit the text without the use of Enter or Tab. Am I misunderstanding its use?
The user has to enter the correct date of 5/9/2014. In Form View, the Acceptable Answer is 5/9/201, and the Submit Key is 4. In Slide View, I created a trigger for the text entry box (see attachment).  Shouldn't this work?

Brian Huseman

That would complete the interaction. If you have an non-repeating number at the end. My only issue is the learner may have typed 4 by accident and did not intend to submit yet. You took the answer before they had a chance to correct it.
Put yourself in their seat. You are going to type 5/9/2014 but you fat-fingered the 5 and typed54. I'm assuming you have a feedback layer that going to tell me I'm wrong and all I typed was one number. Or so I thought.

Bruce Fleischacker

Hello again. I am stuck. I attached a mini-story that explains the problem. In slide 1, the user enters a value and presses the TAB key. Slide 2 is set up so that the base layer shows another layer containing a text field. This is done so the cursor appears in the text field automatically. This is working great, but here's the problem. I have the text-entry field set up so when the number 1 is entered, you move to the next slide. I also have a condition where the value that's entered must equal a particular number. The conditions are not working. I can enter the number 1 and it advances to the next slide. I want it to advance IF the value equals 209871. Any ideas???