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Scott Elliott

Thanks for your response Jamie.

I have the animation set as "By first level paragraphs", and they fly in separately, automatically, not user driven.

I'm unable to figure out a trigger on one text object by triggering separate lines within the text object. (???)

I may have to break the text object into separate text objects and trigger each one?

Jamie Morgan

I assume you'll be providing an instructions screen so the user will know that's the functionality? If so, then the attached sample might be a way to "fake" that functionality. I'm using simple shapes with a transparent fill to be the clickable area to advance to the next text.

If you're wanting it to behave just like Powerpoint, then the question is why not just use Powerpoint and call it a day? Obviously you know more about what you're doing so perhaps there is additional functionality you'll be building in later.

Scott Elliott

I'm creating a presentation in Storyline, don't want to use Powerpoint.  The presentation discusses the functionality and strengths of Storyline.  Storyline ought to be able to duplicate a fly-in of text with a trigger.  Part of the point of the presentation is that  PowerPoint is not needed.  Thanks for all your time and effort.

Jamie Morgan

Storyline can create a fly-in of text with a trigger. My point is that one of the triggers isn't "click anywhere". It's clicking on something. Storyline can do many different things but at the heart of it is the fact that it is a tool to build interactive presentations, eLearning courses, games, advertisements, etc.

Obviously you have creative control over your presentation, but have you thought about doing a more interactive approach to really show off some of those strengths?

For example, if you're highlighting the top 5 or 10 strengths of Storyline, why not use a concept where they click on each number to reveal the strengths. You could even take it a step further and use markers to do something around that where they roll over each number and it expands to provide information on that strength or functionality.

From my perspective, seeing the functionality and strengths and being able to interact with each would be more effective than just talking about them. No offense meant - just offering my perspective and trying to help.