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May 17, 2013

I may be going about this the wrong way and there's proably a really simple solution but I need help!  I created a simple drag and drop scenario where I want 4 out of 6 documents to be dragged onto a desk.  To create the documents I inserted rectangles and then inserted a text box with the title of each document into the rectangles.  The problem is that when I go to drag and drop, I can drag the rectangle but the text doesn't come with it.  What's the solution?  I know I'm doing something wrong but I'm not sure what.

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to the community, Tracy!

Well, there's a couple of options for you here :) 

First, since you've already created the text boxes, you could try grouping the text boxes and shapes you've created. To do so, hold down your CTRL key and select both objects. Right-click on them and select "Group". This will pair the two objects together. After you to this, be sure to update your drag-and-drop question and select the groups as answers.

Another option is to type text into the shape itself. Just select the rectangle and type. Your text should appear within the shape. 

Let me know if you have any trouble with this, or any questions.

Thanks and welcome again!


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