Drag and drop interaction in a scrolling panel

Dec 05, 2012


Is it possible to create a drag and drop interaction within a scrolling panel?

Here's my dilemma :

I have created a drag and drop interaction within a scrolling panel. The user has to fill in the blanks, so drag and drop key words into the designated spots withing the text - it's a long text so it's in a scrolling panel. I have inserted rectangles in the scrolling panel, where the key words have to be dropped. This works perfectly fine - when I preview and scroll, all the rectangles are in their sports.

However, when I drag and drop a key word onto a rectangle past the bottom of my scrolling panel, the item does not stick.... The rectangle is there, but it's acting as if it's out of the scrolling panel...


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Ghislaine Laurin

Hi Christine,

I see what you mean about putting them both into the scrolling panel, but the drag and drop items are in a word bank underneath the panel and I want to be able to drag them in...  I have attached the .story file.

Thanks for taking a look! (The file is in French, hope that's not a problem!)


Ghislaine Laurin


All the terms/labels (11 of them) that are located on the bottom of the screen have to be inserted in one of the "blank" spots in the text. For example, the label that reads "Politique" should be dropped on the first spot in the text (La __________ de bilinguisme...) and the label "formation" has to be placed on the blank spot in the second bullet point (... un service de _________...)


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ghislaine,

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I've been playing with this file to see if I could get it to work. I think I've heard more French from the voice-over in the past hour than I have in my life - beautiful language

The only way I could get the drop targets beyond the scroll to work, was to adjust the size of the scroll panel. A temporary workaround might be to adjust the font size and remove some of the line breaks, so that all of the drop targets are shown. That, or create a second slide with the second half of the drag and drop event. I know that may not be exactly what you want, but perhaps this will work until we can figure out what's going on with the panel.

I'm thinking this might be a bug with the scrolling panel and it might be best to submit this for testing. Would you mind submitting a support case, along with your .story file, so we can have our tech team take a look? If you can, please share the case number with me and I'll follow up with a bug report and some further testing. 

Thanks so much for all the information, Ghislaine, hopefully we can find out what the issue is soon!


Ghislaine Laurin

We do most of our e-learning in French.

Thank you so much for taking a look, greatly appreciated!

Right now, I have the whole thing on the slide... the font is really small :-S. I might try to separate the text onto two different slides - I think I've tried that, and I couldn't get it to jump to the second slide right away, after dropping the first set of labels... I'll try again, I am determined

I will try to submit a support case next week for this issue, and will share the case number.

Thanks again!!


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Amy,

Sorry to hear about the trouble! First, you might want to make sure you have Update 2 installed, a lot of known issues were resolved in that update. If you have already installed the update, or if you install it and still run into this problem, please go ahead and submit a support case with us, along with your .story file, so we can see what may be causing the issue.

I haven't been able to find a case from the original issue for this thread. If you do submit a case, please share the case details so I can update this thread with the resolution.

Thanks Amy!


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