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May 04, 2018

Dear Storyliners

Today I opened a Module I created in SL360 few days ago. Everything looked good until I published it for Storyline Review. That is when the formatting of all the shapes in the course (alltogether there are about 50 of them in the course) changed formatting as you can see it in the attached picture... The text appears double. It is not the "shade" option, neither can I find it in other shape formatting tools...


Any idea what it can be, how to remove it and why this happened to ALL the shapes without me changing any setting (unless I clicked on something by coincidence...).


Any hints would be much appreciated. The course should go live next week and I can't imagine redoing and reinserting all the shapes again.




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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Joanna. Thanks for sharing a sample slide with us – happy to help as well! ☺️

I'm on the latest version of Storyline 360 and published the slide to Review and to Web. Here's the Review URL, and here are the Flash and HTML5 outputs. I was able to see the same formatting behavior you described during my testing.

It seems like there was some erratic behavior associated with the rectangle shapes. I deleted each one, replaced them with new rectangle shapes, and the formatting works as expected. I attached the updated slide here so you can take a look.

We can appreciate that rebuilding each shape is not ideal so I'm glad you reached out to us here and in a support case! I saw my colleague, Abel, was also able to fix the issue using the Clear Formatting option. Let us know if that helps – we'll be standing by!

Swissport E-Learning

Dear Katie,

Thank you so much for your reply. Clear Formatting option worked indeed and I was able to remove the shadowing.

My problem is solved, but maybe it would be still worth taking a deeper look into it - as the problem occurred to all the similar shapes and in two different storyline 360 files without us changing any formatting. Could that be associated with any of recent updates?


Thank you for all your support, 



Katie Riggio

Ah, wonderful – and thanks for continuing to reach out, Joanna! ☺️

I don't see anything in the recent Storyline 360 updates that would cause this formatting behavior, so I'd like to get more eyes on this to be sure. I've shared your note with our Support Engineers, and we'll reach out once we can isolate the cause of this. Thanks again, and we'll be here if you need anything else!

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