Text Input Behaviour

Nov 08, 2022

Hi all,

I am creating a software sim which includes simulating the input of text.

However whilst the text input has worked well for inputting text into 'blank' areas, I can not replicate the text input when areas already have text.

Example, the software has a text area you can edit which already contains text. You click in the area and the text cursor starts at the end of the text, you can delete the text or just add to the text.

Where as with the text input feature in storyline if you leave wording within the text input, then click on it, the text cursor starts at the beginning and you can not change it, nor delete the wording by backspace/delete.

Is it possible to adjust this behaviour.

I have uploaded a short video showing the comparison. First part on real site, second within storyline.


Many thanks.

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Eric Santos

Hi Adam!

Thanks for reaching out; I'm happy to help here. I appreciate you sharing the video! You can try adding the trigger shown below to adjust the TextEntry variable.

TextEntry Variable

I attached a sample Storyline project with this trigger.

Let me know if this works for you or if you have any questions!

Adam Kenworthy

Awesome Eric, thank you.

How did I miss that, but yes works more like it would on the real site.

Only little thing I picked up on is when the timeline on the slide starts there is the text cursor already displayed in the text field even before you click on that text field.

Will have a play around myself and try figure that one unless you or anyone has a quick answer :)

Thanks again.


Adam Kenworthy

Hi Eric,

Actually, it resolved itself, when I put in the text input field as the variable as per your example, then previewed the cursor never showed, so it is working perfectly now. :)

The one element I noticed that can cause the text cursor to automatically appear in the text input, is if something else on the slide also has a variable based on when the timeline starts.