Text Input flagged as correct when incorrect


In Storyline 360, I built a question that uses a text input field, with "client" as the only correct answer.  If I enter "clients", it often gives me the "correct" response instead of the "incorrect" response.  Since my training is about singular and plural, this is *seriously* messing me up!  I changed the "correct" answer to "dog" and typed "dogs" instead - it too flagged as "correct" until I entered the singular (also flagged as correct), then "dogs" would flag as incorrect.  AAAWK!

I have attached a story file (2 slides).  PLEASE help!  When I preview this slide, it works, I hit "replay", and it fails again!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David, 

Can you also check what update you're using of Storyline 360? Also, I'd check that you're working on local project files, as working off a network/shared drive is one of the known things that could cause "odd" and inconsistent behavior. Take a look at some of our other recommendations here! 

David Swenson

my storyline 360 says it is v3.9.13567.0.  I am working with files local on my computer.  Were you not able to see the same thing I am seeing?  If you preview the slide, and try just 3 or 4 times, you should see "clients" flagged as correct.  Please let me know if you are able to duplicate my results.

David Swenson

Thanks for the response (cool video!).  What I saw before: once "clients" was flagged as incorrect, it would flag as incorrect after that - but when I first previewed the slide, the first time through it would flag as correct about half the time.

Today, I can't get it to fail - it always comes back as incorrect.  I guess this is good, but it would be much better if we know why it failed before.  As a result of this issue, I have re-formatted my activity from text-input to multiple choice.  That's working better.