Text is overlapping when fading to next layer

Hi there, I feel like i have used storyline long enough that I should be able to do this, but I am a little stumped.  I grabbed an existing storyline tab template.  I often do my layers so that as each tab is clicked the layer with the new text is lower that than the last one so this doesn't happen.  But I would like the number and text on each layer to stay in the same spot.  But you will see when you click each tab you can see the old text going away as the new one comes in, and this is the template.  But I would like it to be cleaner than that, I tried a few hide layer ideas but nothing that really worked.  I am thinking this should have been built in the template, but it is also good for me to learn.  any ideas.  I just pulled the one slide out of my elearning file.  Thanks as always

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David Price

I just took a quick look at the file and each layer has got a transition on it which is what I think is causing the fading between each layer.

If you remove the transition off each layer it fixes the problem.  However if you still want the text to fade in then you will probably need to add an animation fade to the text on the layer.

If you want to keep the transition then you could try playing around with the timings of them and see if you can get it so one fades out quicker than the other one fading in.

Teresa Vanderpost

Oh David, you rock, this is exactly the answer.  I never put transitions on my slides in storyline, and this is an example why, it ends up doing something I don't want to have happen.  I never thought to check there when I imported the template.  I am pretty sure a transition has been my issue once before.  Thanks again, no fade needed at all, I just removed the transitions and it is nice and crisp which I prefer, no animation timings needed.  Have a wonderful day!