Text Labels in SL2 - Presenter Bio, Email, and More Info

Hi Everyone,

I've been doing some experimenting with the custom text labels for the player in SL2. I noticed there are labels for Presenter Bio, Email, and More Info.

However, after scouring through SL, this site, and some googling, I can't find any info on why those labels are there, and if you can add presenter information in SL. 

Any feedback or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Luke Benfield

Thanks Walt. That would definitely serve the purpose.

However, I'm still curious as to why those text labels exist, and if there is some functionality that I'm missing. I read that you can include presenter information in Presenter, but wanted to see if that functionality exists in Storyline.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Luke -- Thanks for your reply, and as you can see from the info here:

Presenter Bios Aren't supported in Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline doesn't support presenter biographies. When you import a PowerPoint presentation that includes presenter bios, the bios won't be imported into Storyline.

Hope that helps clarify things!