Text moving in shape - how can I stop it?

May 30, 2019


I have created a menu slide with polygon shapes which jump to each section, and change colour when visited. When you hover over or select the shape in preview mode though, it flips to vertical. I have gone through every state of each shape and ensured the text is set to horizontal. Not only does this sometimes revert in the settings for no reason, but even when I set each state to horizontal it still flips.

Is there any way I can stop this? I have attached the file.



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James  Bennett

This weird!

Can't see what's causing it and I don't really have a workaround creating the shapes again from scratch (don't use the format painter as it will have the same issue).

I've come across weird shape glitches like this before and it's too easy to spend ages trying to figure what's causing it when it's much quicker to just start again.

Sorry, that's not much help.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cary,

I also saw that the text direction was set to rotate 270*. I tried adjusting that, and I could see the change take place on the slide, but not while previewing.

As James and Wendy mentioned, it may be easier for you to recreate these from scratch, but if you can share more about how to set this up we might spot something in the process that is off. 

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