Text not appearing sporadically

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When the screen is shrunk, sometimes the text on the hidden slides doesn't show up when the "flip" button is pressed.  Is the reason because of the animation function on the slide. Or is it because of a bug? When the browser is moved or stretched then the words suddenly appear. Is there a reason for that? Is it a refresh issue?

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Ren Gomez

Hi C L,

Thanks for reaching out! I opened the link using Chrome and had no issues viewing cards even at the smallest resizing of the browser window.

A couple of questions to dig deeper:

  • Is there a specific browser where this issue occurs?
  • Have you tried adjusting the browser settings within the course?

Our team would be happy to look at the file and see if we can replicate the issue!

Lizzie Wiltshire

Hi all,

I can see that this thread is a little old, but I have had exactly the same thing happen. I want some 'cards' (text boxes) on a layer to change when the user clicks, to reveal additional text. It wasn't working:

  • I initially did this with states - the 'normal' state had a title, and the 'visited' state had the title and text. I have an animation for the visited state (which I added by doing ctrl x then v on the box, and adding the animation) so that the box swivels round to reveal the additional text. This looked fine and worked in preview, but in 'review 360' or web publish the text was not appearing on all of them, and on some of them it only showed half the text. 
  • I had read that there can be problems with the in-built triggers, so I tried getting rid of the visited states and adding a custom state, and triggers to change state when the user clicked on the box - but I got the same result.
  • So I got rid of the additional states, and tried adding an additional 'card' text box with the extra text on top of the first card - the first card was 'normal' initially, and the second card was hidden. I had the swivel entrance animation on the second card. Then I added triggers so that when they clicked on the first card it would become hidden and the second card would become normal. But I still have problems with the text showing - at this point the heading (20 point) will show, but the rest of the text on the exact same text box 'card' at 12 point does not show. I tried making the additional text 20 points, the same as the heading, and then it does show! But that is too big to include all the information. I also tried removing the animation, and it does then work - but it is less interesting as the text just appears rather than the card swivelling round. 

This has now taken hours trying to work out what is going on, so I might just resort to getting rid of the animation, but it seems a shame when it seems like it really should work! Does anyone have any thoughts?


Ren Gomez

Hi Lizzie,

I'm sorry to hear you haven't been able to get a flashcard interaction to work as expected! The discussion below has a good download file you can use as a guide, plus you can chime in there to see if anyone can offer recommendations with your scenario:

If you're still running into issues, you're welcome to share your .story file privately with our support engineers, and they can offer additional guidance. I hope this helps!

Lizzie Wiltshire

Thanks Phil. I just tried that out. Once again, it worked fine in preview, and worked fine in web publish before I added the animations. But as soon as I added the animations it just messed up the text for some reason when in web publish. I always use Chrome, so I don't think that is the issue. I'm going to submit both to the support engineers and see if they have any thoughts!! Thanks for your help though. Lizzie