Text path in shape

Nov 15, 2023

I wanted to get out of the boring bullet points list and try something different. I created a freeform image that represents water coming out of a bucket. I want to place my bullet point text in the water, along a curved path. Is it possible to do that in Storyline 360, or is that outside the scope of the program?


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Judy Nollet

Storyline doesn't have a feature for curving lines of text. 

You could create that effect by carefully placing separate text boxes along a curved path. But that text wouldn't be accessible, since a screen reader would read each text box separately. 

Here's another option that might work:

  • Add text to the image using whatever software you have that'll do what you want. (For example, PowerPoint has Word Art options for curving text.) 
  • In Storyline, insert a shape that is the same aspect ratio as the image, and "fill" the shape with your picture of the words-on-water. 
  • Add alt text to the shape with the actual words, so a screen reader will know what it says.