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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Geneviève,

I'd like to test this out and confirm as I don't see any reports of this in Studio 360 yet. Can you confirm the steps you're going through for me? 

  1. Using Presenter 360
  2. Applying a text shadow to text inside a shape
  3. Publishing for HTML5 (Web?) and uploading a web server
  4. Testing in a supported browser
  5. Not seeing any shadow on text

Let me know if I'm missing anything or even if you're able to share a screenshot! 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Geneviève.  I can definitely see the difference in your screenshot, but the shadow still appears for me on my example file.  Check it out on SCORM Cloud here.

Are you seeing the shadow on all my boxes there?  On blue, I applied shadow to a single object.  On yellow and green, I selected multiple objects and applied the shadow.  And on red and purple, I grouped the boxes, and then applied shadow.

Don't lose hope, though.  💙Can you share a link to your output in the LMS with me?  Also, please share your Articulate Package so I can open and test your raw file.  If you need to keep your content private, use this link to send it to me!

Katie Riggio

Thanks for sharing your project with us, Geneviève! 

I saw shadows on all 6 boxes when in Edit mode, but not during Preview. Yikes! After some digging, I also noticed that the actual pictures did not have a shadow applied. Clicking on Picture Tools Format > Picture Effects > Shadows > selecting the Offset: Bottom Right option under Outer should do the trick.

I shared a Peek of what I saw along with a modified version of the project in your case. Let me know what you think!

Additionally, I've escalated your case to our Support Engineers since I couldn't find anything in your file that would cause the shadow issue with grouped objects. You should hear back from someone on the team shortly. Thanks again for working with us,  ...and for keeping the hope alive! 🌟

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