Text Styles info in Master Slide not showing on a slide

Jul 21, 2023

Hey everyone,

I have a Slide Master setup with H1, H2, and Normal text for my Text Styles.  When I check the text styles however on an actual slide all three of them show as "Normal Text".  Is this being Published out with H1, H2, Normal or just all Normal?  Is this a bug?  



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Sandeep Gadam

Hello Russ, as you have setup the text styles on the Slide master, are you sure that you applied the same layout for the actual slides. Using different layout could be one of the reason that you're unable to view the text styles. Open up the slide master and find out the name of the layout that you modified and on the actual slides, right click on apply that particular layout and see if you're still able reflect the issue.

If you still have the issue, I suggest you to share your SL file here!!