Text to speech or narration software recommendations

Dec 18, 2019

Does anyone have any recommendations for great text to speech or narration software that works well with Storyline?
It has to be natural sounding and it doesn't have to be free software. All of the demos I come across online sound the same and they don't have a lot of variations. I really need something that will work well on e-courses and doesn't sound so robotic.

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Jeff Forrer

Hello, assuming you have tried the built-in ones in Storyline and do not prefer those.  I use the SL built-in audio for use in delivery of prototypes or Alpha version of courses, then once final, I swap out with professionally recorded audio.  However, sometimes with some manipulation of the built-in audio, it is good enough for final delivery.

I know you are looking for a text to speech option, but I use often Narrator Files: http://www.narratorfiles.com/

they do a great job, are quick and reasonable,and their fees are reasonable, typically $20/page and a bit more for a rush.  Just another option to think about.

Good luck.

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