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Aug 15, 2016

OK, I know I'm not the first to want to do this. I want the learner to enter a name in one box then another word (Password) in another box. Then I will use these latter. But first, after they enter these it will make another hotspot active. So if they don't enter anything they can't move on.

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Ron Price

I am trying to imagine your design.  I am assuming the "Hotspot" you are referencing would contain the trigger to move forward.  If you are using a hotspot and you do not want to reveal it until certain things happen (name and password), then it might be best to put that hot spot on a layer and then choose to reveal that layer when the conditions are met.  A "show layer when variable changes" could work here.

If you were not using a hotspot, then you could use a state change.  But Hotspots do not contain states.

I hope that helps.

Ron Price

I get the idea - I have attached something that I think is close to what you are describing.  I might suggest that though, that a better option would be to add Conditions to the Login button.  (also included.  For example, someone could add their name - which activates the button, then erase their name after that.

Was there a reason you were using a hotspot?

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