Input Text Boxes

Jul 16, 2018

In Storyline 3, I wish to have 2 text boxes that the user will enter specific text into. I want them to enter into the first box (specific username), then move to the second (specific password) and enter the information. Then I want them to click on a hotspot and if both text entries are correct, then they move to the next slide. I inserted text boxes for both and then a regular hotspot on the button I want them to click. HELP!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Betti

you're asking SL to change the state of something that is hidden to normal when the user hovers over it but the object is hidden so SL can't see it.  See the update to your file - I've added a hotspot to the area 'Account Summary' so that when the mouse hovers near there text box displays.  If you want the text box to stay on, remove the tick in the trigger 'restore on mouse leave'  

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