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Oct 19, 2016

Help! Attached you will see my slide. Here is what I am trying to do: I want each of the 4 boxes to do two things: 1) jump to a specific slide when clicked, and 2) show visited when user clicks on rectangle, hotspot, text box (I say all three because I have a rectangle shape with a text box inside and a hotspot over both.) I can only seem to get one trigger to work even though I have both in there. If I apply two triggers to each hotspot, whichever is listed first is what gets triggered. So I tried applying one trigger to the hotspots and one to the rectangle - that did not work either. There has to be a way to get the boxes to do both.  Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Kristin

with the built in states you don't need to use a trigger - this can sometimes cause issues. 

So first thing I would suggest is to remove the trigger that changes state to visited.

When the user clicks the object, the visited state is triggered, and then your next trigger to jump to slide will take place - it's only a matter of a split second so if you are expecting the user to see the visited state before jumping they may or may not.

If this is a hub slide where the user is returning to I would recommend you create a custom state called 'complete' and use this in a trigger if you want them to have a visual of what they have visited.

Here is a tutorial on states that may help you

Kristin Koeleman

Hi Wendy. Thank you for your quick response, but I am still confused. I do
not understand how a state will change automatically without a trigger.
This is a Hub slide and the learner will return to this slide after
completing each of the four sections. When they return, I want them to see
the visited (or completed) state (which is a check mark in the bottom right
corner of each square.) So do I need hotspots to jump to other slides? But
I do not need triggers? I do not think I am understanding your suggestion
of removing the changing states trigger, but then you say to change my
visited state to complete and add a trigger. Thank you for clarifying.

Walt Hamilton

Actually, you probably don't need a three things. As Wendy says, you certainly don't want the hotspots. As for the other two, you only need one. You can add fill, outline, shadow, and other effects to a text box. You can add text to a rectangle (right-click and edit text). You can add triggers to either of them, so my advice is to simplify all you can. Once you are down to one object, use Wendy's variables and triggers, and you will be fine.

To clarify her point: If you have an object with a state named Visited, it has a built-in trigger that makes the state change to Visited when the user clicks it. She doesn't recommend using it, because it is not always reliable when the user navigates to other slides and returns. You shouldn't write triggers to change to Visited state because they will conflict with the built-in ones. She recommends using a custom state (Completed) because you can control it with triggers you write, and get much better control.

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