Text Will Not Go Away!

So I have created a Drag & Drop and when you drop the sticky notes on the cork board, the sticky goes away but the text does not.  I created states and deleted everything for the Drop Correct and Drop Incorrect states, at least I think I have, but the text still appears when you drop each sticky.

Can someone help me?  I am sure it is something small but I cannot see it.  I have been working at this desk too long and need a break!  LOL!


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Niki,

Thanks for sharing your file here. It's a little tricky as it seems you've added the text as a part of the normal state vs. adding it to the image itself? I'd recommend adding it to the image where you created the sticky, as using a grouped image in a drag and drop is a bit trickier. I change just the first drag item, and removed the others while I was working - but you'll see the dropped correct state of each individual item in the group is modified.Take a look and see what you think, and then hopefully you'll be able to replicate from there.