Textbox Losing Formatting when Saving and Opening Files in Storyline 3

May 06, 2020

I've been having issues with textboxes losing their formatting when reopening files.  For example, instead of wrapping the text, the text boxes will be expanded, sometimes the font size changes along with the font color, and sometimes the position of the textboxes change on the slide.  

This doesn't happen every time I access the file and sometimes it will happen on different slides. It's also happened across multiple projects and on multiple computers, but out of the 5 people on my team, it's only ever happened to me.  I handle a much larger volume of files from developers across our university and develop more content then the rest of the team, but no one else has had this issue.  I've read other posts about similar issues but I do not import from PowerPoint and I do not copy/paste content from Word.  I only ever work directly in Storyline.  Also, my files are saved locally on my computer and I'm running the latest version of Storyline 3. We do use a template and all the master slides were developed before my time, but I can't find any obvious issues on them.  For reference I've added a screenshot of an example of the issue that I'm having.  Thanks in advance for any help and support you can provide!  

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Crista and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for contacting us and sharing what you are running into with your project file. It sounds like this may be difficult to recreate and/or track down, but we'd certainly be happy to try.

With your permission, I'd like you to share your project file with our support engineers to investigate what's happening. You can share it privately by uploading it here. It will be deleted when troubleshooting is complete.

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