The add 10 points is not working

Nov 25, 2022

I am attempting to build my first complex board game.  An issue I am having is that the points are not being added, even though the trigger looks correctly set up. If someone has time to look into this?  I am not seeing the 10 points added to the score after "continue" is clicked from the "correct" layer of question 1.

Q1 answer is storage and expiration.  Can someone see what I have done incorrectly? 

p.s., I have just gotten into the most difficult triggers of this project, so the game will only go thru the 1st question.  I still have to work through the stopping/starting of the animation, as I am struggling to get it to start the animation after the first question is done and it is time to start the animation again when the player is returned to the board game

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