The dreaded "Next" Button

On the Articulate Story player there is a previous and a next button.  You can click the next button any time during the slide.  We do not want people to be able to skip over that much information.  I would like to know:

1.  Can you remove those buttons and if so how?

2.  If you cannot remove them is there a way to keep the person from clicking the next button until the entire slide and audio is finished?

I would appreciate any help with this request!  Thanks

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Michael Hinze

Hi Michelle, welcome to the community.

Re 1.): yes you can remove the Next/Prev from a specific slide (or all slides), see here for some info.

Re 2.): One option is to use a True/False variable to signify 'slidecompletion'. This variable starts out as False and is set to True once the slide audio is complete. The Next button's 'JumpTo' tirgger would need a condition that makes sure that clicking the button only jumps to the next slide if the variable is True (meaning 'the slide is complete'). Hope that makes sense.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Michelle,

Welcome to the community!

Yes, buttons CAN be removed from the slide.

For One Slide

  1. Click the little gear icon near the bottom right of the screen to open the Slide Properties dialog box
  2. Remove the checkmark beside the Next checkbox

For Multiple Slides

Switch to Story View

  1. Select the slides
  2. Remove the checkmark beside the Next checkbox

You may also find this support page helpful: How to restrict navigation throughout a Storyline course