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Margaret  Linville

When I select preview this scene.

The layer section five does not play after 4a finishes or any other layers after that.

Sections 1,2,3,4,4a plays fine when I’m previewing. It goes from  layer to layer as it should.

I do not want to view the entire course to check if all the layers play in this section.

Thank you.

Daniel Brigham

Thanks, Margaret. What is triggering the layers? Are they firing one after another? If you include the storyline file, I'd have a better idea.

Anything different about the 4a layer? For testing purposes, I would probably copy the slide into a new storyline file do a few tests:

1. Where I deleted the 4a layer to see if things player more or less normally

2. Where I renamed 4a layer something else (something with "4" not in it).

If these suggestions don't help, include the actual file and I'll take a deeper look. --Daniel

Alexandros Anoyatis

I'd be very interested to hear about a potential solution on this as I have faced a very similar problem in one of my stories last year - in that case I was triggering going over a new layer when the user clicked a hotspot. The first couple of layers jumped nicely, the 3rd one refused to do so...