The Mysterious Case of the Reducing Image Size

Help! I am experiencing the strangest issue in Storyline 360. When I insert an image, it automatically begins to reduce the size of the image. When I try to search, I only seem to find examples of Storyline automatically reducing very large images when inserted. This is not what is happening. I checked my keyboard and do not have any sticking keys. This issue is so strange, I created a screen recording so that you can see what it is doing.

Does anyone have an idea about what is happening?

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Glenda.

That is definitely strange! Let's try a couple of suggestions to solve this case:

  • It looks like you're using a folder syncing with OneDrive. My guess is that the sync could cause the same issues as working on a network drive. We recommend working from a local hard drive. Can you try copying the file to another folder on your hard drive or disabling the automatic sync from the folder and then importing it into Storyline?

  • The next step will be a quick repair of Storyline 360 to see if it solves the problem: step-by-step instructions.

Let me know if this works!