The "Next" Button won't change state if I have 1 wrong in a drag and drop exercise.

Nov 03, 2022

The NEXT button wont change state if I have 1 worng.

In the drag and drop activity I want the Learners go to the next slide once they've position all the items in the correct category. I'm not sure what I'm missing. I enabled the trigger for the button: If all items are in drop correct, change state of button to normal.

If I have all of them correct on the first try, it will change the state. But If I drag 1 to the wrong category it wont change state. 

Your advice is greatly appreciated. 

It's slide 2.


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Walt Hamilton

Even if I get all of them correct on the first try, it doesn't work for me, which is consistent with my reading of this trigger.

When you click an item, it changes to selected state, but when you drop it, it changes to Drop Correct or Drop Incorrect. The only way I can get it to work is to click all the items without dragging them, or going back and clicking all of them after they are dropped.  Your post doesn't say you want NEXT to be activated when they are selected, but when they are dropped correctly, so I think you want to change Selected to Drop Correct.

I found other problems. Some of the targets were not interacting correctly with some of the objects. I rebuilt all the targets from scratch, re-created the triggers, and that helped some.

There is still one problem. If you drop an object in the wrong target, all the other objects are reset to Normal state, even if they are correctly dropped. If you drop all of them only in the correct target, everything works.

I also noticed some peculiar behavior while working with the triggers, which makes me think some of the objects are corrupted. I changed some triggers, and when I went to change them back, they defaulted to the original options, which is not normal behavior. Some of them when changed auto-changed the name of the object and attached themselves to the wrong object.

If it were mine, I would reconstruct everything from scratch (without copying anything) and see if that cleared it up. If not, submit a case to support.

The triggers misbehaving is very characteristic of corruption, but the objects changing state could be either corruption or a bug.

Sorry to be the bearer of such bad news.

Ron Price

I agree with Walt that there are some interesting things happening on the slide.  The extra triggers to show layers when items are dropped seem to be creating some issues.  You really do not need those since you are using the return option, or if you wanted to just add checks and "x's" to you drop correct and incorrect states.

If you remove or disable those additional triggers.  Edit the Change Button-Next to when all states are Drop Correct, plus adding another trigger to change it back to hidden if at least one of them is not Drop Correct - then you can salvage this exercise without a complete rebuild

Walt Hamilton

Ron is right. I don't know how I missed it. Maybe its because I was trying to solve the problem a different way. You know how that goes, if you are looking for a zebra, you don't see the elephants. On the other hand, the best troubleshooting advice I ever heard is "When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras."

The problem is that if you create a trigger to duplicate the superpower of a built-in state, it gets upset, and all kinds of nasty and unpredictable things can happen,

You can either delete your own triggers, or change the names of the states. If you do, they won't be reported to the results slide, but looking at the way it is set up, I'm not sure you want it to, anyway.

Grab an object, and put temporary marks on the Dropped Correct and Dropped Incorrect states, and you can know what state they are in.

If you can get it installed locally, and get the authorization for it to update itself, it's a huge win for you. I had to tell my IT dept that SL doesn't update, it deletes the installation, and installs the complete app from scratch when it updates. When they found that out, and found out that updates can be as frequently as once a month, they set it up so the updates could occur without them having to intervene.

Dyane Espinosa

Gotcha! Thank you for that information. I have a Mac, I'm changing it for a Windows computer to have it installed locally. I'll pass the update information to my IT dept, thank you!

I ended up not adding feedback slides and just leaving the built in states. I think I was over complicating it. 

Thank you for all!