Drag Item "is not Normal" state not working/triggering

Oct 13, 2020

Hello. I am wanting a "next" button to activate only after all drag items on a slide have been moved to a drop zone (doesn't matter if correct or incorrect). I first thought I would do this by setting the button state to Normal once all drag items were EITHER Drag Correct OR Drag Incorrect, but I cannot seem to figure out how to create an "OR" statement in the State field of the Trigger Wizard.

So I instead set up a trigger to change the button state to Normal once the state of all drag items "is not" "Normal." This seems like it should work, since each drag item as it is moved to a drop zone would either have to change to Drag Correct or Drag Incorrect (therefore, not "Normal."). It's not working. I know the state of the drag items is changing to Drag Correct or Drag Incorrect because I have tested that separately.

Can anyone help? File attached.

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Jennifer Michlitsch

Nevermind - Just read this other thread on same topic (sorry I didn't find that before even though I searched for quite some time): https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/help-freeform-drag-and-drop-states-appear-to-change-but-don-t. I found a different way though - I am changing button state to Normal when timeline reaches end on the slide IF ... then I put all of the conditions about the drag items being correct or incorrect in the Conditions box. Thanks.