Drag and drop - only feedback on dropped items

Aug 18, 2022


I have a drag and drop interaction in which only 2 of 7 dragable items need to be dropped onto a hotspot. Only the dropped items need to show either the drop correct or drop incorrect state. However, I can only get it to work partially.

Normally when I click submit, all dragable items will either have the drop correct or drop incorrect state. So I work with a T/F variable for each item that remembers whether or not an item has been dropped. I referenced these variables and they work as intended.

On the incorrect layer I have a few triggers that change the state of the item to normal when the timeline starts if the variable is False (so, not dropped). 

This works for the wrong answers for which a drop-target has not been defined. But the right answers (those who have a drop-target) that have not been dropped, stay in their drop incorrect state even though I have a trigger that asks them to change back to the normal state.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :) Story file added as attachment.

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John Morgan

Hi, Stefaan!

Good news! I came up with a fix for your issue! I added two state change triggers to the "Feedback-knop" button. 

What's happening in your file is when you submit feedback it's showing you the wrong parts of your answer regardless of whether or not you dragged them to the dropzone. So I added the following state triggers to the "Feedback-knop" button:

Those triggers will set the states to "normal" if they haven't dragged those correct answers to the dropzone.

I hope that helps you out! Thanks for reaching out!