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Katie Riggio

Happy first post, Tufan!

First, this helpful guide covers how Storyline courses load:

Now, over a minute to load the slide in your screenshot does seem long. A few questions to help us troubleshoot:

  • Does the slow playback happen during preview, in the published output, or both?
  • How do the other slides load? 
  • Are you comfortable with sharing the troublesome file? It'll help me look into the behavior, and I'll delete it from my machine after. You can use this private upload link
Ren Gomez

Hi Tufan,

Thanks for following up and sharing your file! Upon preview and publishing to Review 360, I experienced some slight slowness, but nothing close to what you're describing.

I've created a case on your behalf with our support engineers to take a closer look and provide guidance. Be on the lookout for a reply soon!