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Crystal Horn

Hi Daniela.  I'm sorry you're seeing inconsistency between your published output and the preview.

Can you tell me a little more about what you're seeing?

  • What type of object is not showing as it should?
  • Are you publishing for Web, LMS or something else?
  • Where are you hosting your published output?  Or do you open the published output folder and launch from one of those files?

I'm happy to work through this issue with you.  If you'd like to share your .story file, feel free to attach it to this discussion!

Daniela Perez

Hello Crystal,  Thanks for your response!

The type of object is a form. Basically i have one layer where thee user must drag and drop an image to a container. When the image is drop, a form changes its state to normal (hiding the images that where not dragged). Then a "continue" button shows. When you clic the button, you go to layer 2, where you should drag and drop a phrase. As in the layer 1, a form shows (to hide the 2 phrases that where not dragged by the user). 

At the end, the user must have an advertisement with the image and phrase that he/she selected in both layers. The variable associated to this two things (image+text), determines to what next layer you should go to.

When i preview the project in Storyline, the hiding of images and phrases works fine. But when i publish to the web, when the user clics the button on layer 1, he/she can't see the text on layer 2. 

The publishing is for web. And I open the published output folder and launch from the .html5 file.

I attach the .story here, it's on slide p_05

Thank you so much!

FYI I've seen that when i reopen the file to correct the issue, the variables that depend on the state of other object, are not selected as they should be... 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Daniela! Thanks for sharing your file!

It sounds like you were viewing the published output locally, which would be the reason the interaction on slide p_05 wasn't working correctly. 

We recommend testing published content in it's intended environment. If you don't have a web server handy, Tempshare is great for quick testing purposes. 

Here is a link to the HTML5 output on Tempshare. Please test that link in Google Chrome and let me know if slide p_05 is working correctly!