The slide results doesn't update

Nov 10, 2023

Hi everyone,

Sorry for my english ; I'm French and I don't know every words to explain my problem ; I'll try.

I have to create a quiz with stoyline and I want a slide results but this slide does'nt appload the results of my questions (I start with 2 questions just in case I have to do it again) ; my questions are in freeform question and I tried to do it with "normal" slides and with an aleatory question bank but it doesn't word in the both situation ; can anyone help me ? Where is the problem ? It is in a triggers settings ? Thanks in advance !

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Judy Nollet

Your file has a lot of triggers that duplicate built-in functions. That can cause problems. For example:

  • You don't need a trigger to show the Hover state. 
  • You don't need triggers to show the Correct or Incorrect layers. That's built into the "Submit Pick One" trigger. 
  • Also, the "Submit results" trigger should only be on the Results slide. It doesn't need to be on every question slide. 

The attached file has the freeform questions cleaned up, so they work with the Results slide.

Note: I also changed the point value, so each question is worth 1 point. That's done in Form View. You can change it back to the default 10 points if you prefer that.