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Martin Garnett

Hi Burak,

To my knowledge, that's not quite how quizzes work. For the points to register, the user must land on the results page.

What you should do instead, is have the users land on the results page, then work out if they have passed or not. If they have - show them a success layer. If they haven't - show them a failure layer.

Hope this helps,


Burak  Semerci

Hi Martin,

the other ways are known to me.

The idea was, creating a quiz, which has 4 categories with 5 questions each with different points (200, 400, 600, 800 & 1000). So that our employees could choose the questions until they get 6000 or more points. Otherwise they have to do all of the questions.

I think, I have to delete now some question, because 20 questions are to much.

Best regards,