this so called responsiveness of sl3

Oct 10, 2017

When I think of something that is responsive I think of something that responds to the display, as in, vertical and horizontal displays are filled and no matter your resolution all the available space is used. As fas as I can tell sl3 will preserve the aspect ratio and just fit to display on its orientation. How is this different to the scale player to fill browser window option from sl2? I thought we were done with black bars! Do you even have a way for me to design a vertical version of a page to be used? Or manually place objects for different aspect ratios?


Am I missing something here? All that seems to be different is the swipe navigation options which I still can't easily apply to all by going onto the story view selecting all slides with ctrl+a and putting it on all but I can if I ctrlclick  them all individually? Seriously?


Oh and also, your learn more button on responsive controls goes to a 404 and don't tell me to get 360.

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Martin Garnett

I think they're talking more about their Rise software - that outputs responsive courses. But you're right, Storyline 3 has the same export options as Storyline 2 when it comes down to re-sizing.

That being said, have you ever used Adobe Captivates responsive tools? It's terrible. If you want to create responsive content, use Rise or invest in a development team to create a true responsive course.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bruce,

With the release of Articulate 360 we introduced two options for responsive and mobile playback.

First, Storyline and Studio will now use the responsive player when viewed on a mobile device. This doesn't require any additional work from the course author to display on a mobile device, which as Martin said is in contrast to how Captivate handles responsive design. We've explained this a bit further here. So, the player itself adapts to the learner's screen size and orientation, but the content maintains its aspect ratio.

Second we created Rise, a web app where you can build beautiful, fully-responsive courses directly in your web browser. Rise courses are fully responsive, meaning the entire course and its content automatically adapt to any screen size and orientation. 

If you're using Storyline 3, you'll have access to the same responsive player as shown in Storyline 360. You can take a tour of all the features here. 

I hope that helps clarify our current responsive authoring options! 

Bruce French

Yeah so your responsive on sl3 (and 360 from the sounds of it) isn't really responsive at all, at least no more responsive than sl2 was? Or atleast you call the "player" responsive when the content isn't.

It seems like rise is what I'd define as responsive and what I think most people think of. As far as I can tell though that's locked behind a 360 sub. That is the behaviour I want. Why is that not a part of storyline itself, and is that at all available without a thousand bucks a year sub? 

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