Threaded Discussions or Online Forum with Storyline

Jul 04, 2013

I was curious if anyone knew of combining an online discussion thread or forum to use with Storyline?  I have some questions to ask my students, (i.e. what are some good traits of highly successful salespeople, etc.).  I would love to have the students post these responses somewhere so future students could read and add to the list.  Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there John!

You certainly can :)

You could insert a forum page, a survey page or even a social page into Storyline as a web object. I think something like that would work pretty well for what you'd like to do. 

If you haven't worked with web objects before, here's something you might want to check out:

Adding Web Objects

Personally, I think a Facebook group page or even a twitter page would be great for this, but it depends on how private you want the content to be. If you have a forum, users could even sign in through the web object and access the discussions.

Just an idea!

Good luck with the project :)

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