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Jun 25, 2012

Hello, is there a way to create a reminder or "tickler" to a user that the course has been sitting idel for a specific amount of time that will automactically log user out of the course or some sort of audio calling for the user to resume course?

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Gerry Wasiluk

I'm betting our good buddy Steve could come up with something . . .

Like at the end of a timeline in a course where the learner clicks through, adding a trigger that replays the slide and maybe increments a variable.  When the variable equals a certain number, a message on a layer could appear when the slide is replayed the nth time . . .

Steve Flowers

Was thinking the same thing, Gerry. A loop to increment a counter that resets based on interaction (slide change or forced refresh of the timer) or a JavaScript function that does the same thing.

The first question I'd ask myself is: What purpose would the notification serve? Is there a consequence? Is there a rationale for the consequence?

Making these things work is fun. Making them work to solve a real problem is even more fun

Sara Hargrave

Reasoning behind the question. I have interacted with some online courses where I was able to focus on my attention on something else while the course was playing and became distracted; the course was able to recapture my attention through an audio/message that played "Are you still there?", repeats a couple of times.

In my place of business we have medical staff that get set into a course, then get destractions by phone calls, emergencies, etc and dont close out of the just leave it. When they come back the course will allow the user to continue as if everything is OK, but when they complete the a assessment at the end of course and submit the course doesnt close out and score correclty. When I proxy in as the user and 'resume' the user left off, I land at the screen/slide where the user got destracted.

Sara Hargrave

This is awesome and just what I was looking for!!!! Fabulous job. Not sure how to implement into my existing storyline courses. I see on the Slide Master several layers have been created. Would I need to place all the layers into each slide in my course? Being this is on the slide master, would I need to just import this into the slide master of my existing courses?

Thank you,


Steve Flowers

Hi, Sara -

Yeah, you can add to your existing master slide or copy and paste this master and modify it to match your own master (open two instances of Storyline to copy from Master to Master). There are a couple of mechanics and a smattering of triggers that make this work. 

At the heart of this are three variables (I may have forgotten what I named them) - you'll need to create similar:

  • warningThreshold
  • exitThreshold
  • counter

On the base layer of the master, I call to reset the counter and start the looping layers. loop in calls loop out after .5 seconds. Loop out calls loop in after .5 seconds and enacts its own conditional triggers (checking to see if the counter has exceeded the threshold and opening the correct layer overlay if it has).

Sara Hargrave

In the slide master are several slides; each one has a different layout. The first slide has a Number1 to the left and it indicates as "preserve". When I copied over the slide master from the file you sent me and pasted it into my project it showed as a new slide within my slide master; do I need to make each layout I use in my project to include the triggers/variable/conditions from your file into each layout slide?

Sorry, just a little confused on this is going to transfer over to my project.


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