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May 29, 2015

I was running the closed captioning on a separate layer, however every time the cc button was Un selected and then selected again it would "resume state". This however does not line up with the base layer audio.

I am positive I'm unable to resume state or layer to match base layer.

So I have started placing the closed captioning right on the base layer, and have it set in a hidden state, until they click the cc button. Once they click on it the text box comes up. Once you click again the text comes down. However I want to be able to have them come up on the timeline to match the narration and pauses in audio.

Is this possible? This project is due Monday, and I am completely stumped.

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Steve Flowers

Hi CIndy - 

Here's the method that I use:


This employs a single object (it can be on the master slide in a layer or on the slide itself) that contains a variable reference like %captions%. Controlling the visibility of a single object is easier than trying to work control of several (or hundreds).

Then I use objects with a single trigger to stagger in the caption change. 

Change variable captions to "my new caption text" when timeline of object C1 starts.

Copy and paste these objects, add a bit of text to overwrite the caption text in the editor, align them to sync with your audio, and you've got a decoupling of your caption visual from the caption logic. Lots more freedom in formatting, location, and visibility control.

The Notes panel is also handy for setting up your captions. If you tear off the notes panel--after adding in your transcript for the slide--and narrow up the width to 32 characters or so (3 to 7 seconds of caption audio) you get a nice way to copy line by line into your trigger objects.

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