Linking Layer Timelines

Feb 06, 2013

I am wondering if there is a way to link layer timelines. I.e. If I show a layer, it will start at the same point in the timeline as I am on the base layer.

Specifically, I am trying to create timed closed captioning. My slide narration is too long to display all at once. This scheme works fine if the CC layer is on the entire time. However, if someone were to turn off closed captioning and turn it back on, or turn on closed captioning in the middle of the slide, the CC layer timeline starts at the beginning, and therefore no longer syncs with the base layer.

I realize this may be impossible, but I'm hoping someone out there has done something similar and can give me some insight!

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Steve Flowers

Hi, Victoria - 

That's a tough one Unfortunately, there isn't a way to link the base layer to the progression of another layer. They are completely independent. You can make multiple layers run at the same time, even delaying another layer's start. You can also pause the base layer when another layer is opened.  In addition, you can make the seekbar control a layer or the base layer. 

This is a great suggestion, though. I would definitely advocate submitting a feature request for an option to "Lock playhead with base layer".

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