Pause timeline when closed captioning toggled on?

Sep 10, 2015

Hello everyone:

I am fairly new to Storyline and having some serious issues pausing the timeline.

I am creating a course with narration on one layer, closed caption text on another and a layer that pauses the timeline. 
Base Layer
Base Layer with narration
When the CC On button is clicked, it reveals the layer below. The CC Off button hides it. The pause button reveals a third layer (see image) that pauses the timeline.

Closed Captions layer

Paused timeline layer

The problem is that when the timeline is paused and the CC On button it clicked, it reveals the CC layer and hides the layer that pauses the timeline. I need to reveal closed captioning while the timeline is paused. Below is a short video that shows is happening.

Does anyone know how to keep the layer that pauses the timeline active when the closed captioning layer is shown. Hope this explanation makes sense. It is very late.

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