Time Gap

Oct 14, 2022

This may be impossible, but I need to have a set minimum time away from a module. 

Is there a way to let learners get to a slide, instruct them to leave for 7 days while the next button is hidden. Then when they come back after at least 7 days, the next button is triggered to be visible and they can continue in the same module. The module will not be open at this time - I expect learners to exit and go about their lives. I currently have this set up in a separate Javascript file, but with the new xAPI triggers and features, I wanted to know if anyone had ideas.

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Stacy Littlewood

Unfortunately we use the LMS to only host the modules and then we embed them on our site. So we're thinking outside the box since I currently can't link two separate modules with the necessary completion requirement. We're trying to keep it in one xAPI module so it's one link.

This course is more for long term credit claiming than a traditional elearning. So the learner enters baseline data + has access to resources and tools to learn from. The 7 day break is the learner going through the resources and ideally applying what they have learned in the real world to improve their practice. The final steps are logging back in and assessing to see if they improved from that baseline data.