Time it takes to PUBLISH a SL file?

Jul 09, 2015

I've got a 19 slide (20 minute or so module) that I am trying to Publish.

When I work on short #ELHchallenges they are short and publishing is almost instantaneous. 

In the case of this file, it just keeps spinning and spinning, and I finally hit cancel in frustration.  Short of walking away and doing something else, am I missing something?

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Kevin Thorn

That is odd Karen. One time I may chalk it up to a memory suck by the software or Windows, but if this single file behaves like this every time you try to publish then something seems to be amiss in the .story file itself.

A few things to check:

  • If you have a lot of images uncompressed such 3000px wide hi-res photos reduced to default Storyline 720px.
  • Large video files or larger video files in .mov format (.mov is uncompressed vs. .mp4 is compressed).
  • 19 slides at about 20 minutes suggests ~1 min per slide. Similar to video, .wav audio format is uncompressed compared to .mp3.

Still, only 19 slides shouldn't be giving you the hang up at publish time regardless of media. The only other thing I can assume is that .story file is now corrupt. Rebuilding the project is unfortunately one alternative to prove otherwise...but, it's not even my project and that's a hassle even thinking about it!

Lastly, I'd recommend submitting a support ticket along with an explanation (or link to this post) and attach your .story file. Perhaps the engineers at Articulate can help.

Hope it all works out.

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