Timed quiz and keyboard conflict

Jan 27, 2022

Good morning, I'm going through a problem using timed quiz.

I have a multiple choice quiz of 40 questions with a time limit of 2 minutes. Other the use of the mouse, I had to give the chance to the student to use also the keyboard either to select answers (keys from 1 to 5) and to submit (N key).

Everything works fine besides this: if the times runs out, the time exceeded message pops out. If the student clicks on "ok", no problem, the lesson will skip the remaining questions, and will go directly to the results slide connected. But, if the student accidentally presses the "N" key while the Time exceeded pop up is on the screen, he submits the answer which he have chosen before the time runned out, and the lesson get stucked, it doesn't goes to the results slide and he can't do anything... 

So, the problem is that with the Exceeded time pop up on the screen, the keyboard still works on the question behind it. I already asked if it was possible to not have that popup at all but it seems like is not possible.

I hope I explained well the issue.

Anyone can help?

Anyone can help?

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Francesco Berio

Becca good morning,

thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I didn't have any answer about this issue, that in my opinion can be considered a little bug. When time runs out, it runs out. That means that there should be no chance to answer to a "last" question. 

My file is huge and I had directions to not share it for internal reasons but it is pretty easy to replicate the situation. Create a timed quiz (1 min) with few questions (I had multiple choices, but it is the same with other types). Add a trigger in each question that submit the answer when the user presses a key (I have set the enter key). Add a result slide.

Pubblish the project, and start the quiz, answer to a couple of questions, and wait until time runs out and the "time exceeded" pop up is shown on the screen. Then, instead of clicking on the "OK" button, press the key that have been set for submit the answer (as I said the Enter key) and you will see that the quiz get stuck and it will not go to the results slide.

I think it is weird that it hasn't being noticed before. The use of the keyboard for answer the quiz is a pretty common thing. I hope ther is a solution, or even better, that I am the one who does a mistake in setting the quiz.

In any case thank you very much for your attention and sorry for my terrible english.