Tracking Problem with Moodle

Hi everybody,

I created a elearning with a quiz that test the knowledge of students.

My course is on moodle and is completed if the student  passes the test with a score of 80%.

First of all, if the student leaves the course 2 times, the "lesson status" comes out failed . Obviously it isn't possible that lesson status becomes completed or passed if the student makes another attempt.

Also if the student doesn't exceed the quiz with 80%score the lesson status come out failed and the student can't improve his score if he attempts again the test and he pass it.

It seems that the moodle report doesn't record the second attempts.

For this cause in moodle reports the results of the students are not correct. 

Please could you help me in managing this issue.

Sorry for my bad english and thanks in advance for the help.


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Dan Marsden

after a SCORM attempt is "completed" with a lesson_status of completed/passed or failed the scorm attempt is classed as "finished" - any further entries to the same attempt will result in review mode. it is up to the SCORM package to decide what to do when in review mode and I believe articulate doesn't pass any results back to the LMS while in review mode by default.

It depends on what moodle version you are running but newer versions contain a setting "force new attempt" which causes a new attempt to be automatically generated when a user enters a scorm with a previously completed attempt. If this setting is not enabled then a checkbox appears on the entry page that must be ticked to generate a new attempt and allow a score to be recorded.

There are some known issues with certain older Moodle versions related to review mode so make sure you are running a recent supported stable release.

Hope that helps!

Fabio Di Paolo

Thank for your help Dan.

Unfortunately I have already force a new attempt and my moodle version is quite modern  (moodle 2.7) so I need something else.

I don't know but I don't understand why Articulate writes Failed in DB if the user exits two times from the elearning.

I really need help beacuase my elearning is in prod.




Fabio Di Paolo


I upgraded the moodle version to 2.8.3 and I force new attempt.

Now moodle reports every attempt of a user but remain the problem that if the user exits two times from the course this attempt become failed even if the user doesn't the quiz.

Can you help me I fix that, please?

Also I would understand how moodle writes on DB, indeed on table " mdl_scorm_scoes_track" nothing change from before and the "lesson_status" is however failed but on report page there are more attempts.

Can you explain how moodle write the attempts in DB, please?

Another thing: now I'm working on a moodle test but when everything works I have to replay the fixex on moodle production. Can I avoid to update moodle version and do something less dangerous? I would not want that to happen something bad.

Sorry again for my english and thanks in advance for your help.

Dan Marsden

2.8.3 won't come out until April 2015 - I presume you mean 2.7.3 which was released this month.

The only other Moodle related thing I can think of related to lesson_status ending up as "failed" is the possibilty that you have a mastery score set in your SCORM package - I don't if or where this is set in Articulate but there's some more information on what happens when a mastery score is set here:

Moodle provides a SCORM debugging tool to help you understand the communication that is occuring between your SCORM package and Moodle which may help you understand how the data is passed. To turn that on see:
Then re-enter your scorm and you will see all the data passed from your SCORM back to Moodle in the debugging window.

If you are managing your own hosting you should up-skill and work out the details around Moodle ugprades - you should be doing an upgrade every 2 months in-line with the Moodle security release cycle - take a look at the site and the community forums on if you need further help with this.

I can't help much further sorry - perhaps other community members might have some other suggestions.