Timed Storlyine Files

Hello I set up a quiz in a storyline file and set a timer for 10 mins so I could run some tests on if I exit the course and resume would the timer still run in the background.


I found that the timer did not run in the background however on one of my exits it restarted the timer when I relaunched it.  On my second exit I exited at the 2:05 mark but when I relaunched it it was at the 1:08 mark. It did however pick up at the correct question that I left off at.

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Chrissie!

Happy to help, and what you're describing sounds like a match to an open issue we're looking into in Storyline 360!

We found that the quiz timer does not reset when learners retry a quiz with the triggers: Reset Results and Restart Course.

If you don't mind sharing your test file with us, we'll verify whether that bug is affecting your file or if something else is causing the issue!