Timer, Changed Behavior Post-Update

Hello All!

I believe the timer feature has changed behavior based on a Storyline update. We have a 2 hour timer set for about 20 exams built within Storyline. Historically, when a person moved away from the exam page (to look at the Internet or other sources) the timer would keep running in the background. Now, when a person leaves the page, the timer pauses. We would like to have the timer keep running in the background.

The last published exam working properly in the background is 12/15/2020. All the exams we have published since that time pause the timer. 

Is anyone experiencing the same thing? Any thoughts on how to get the timer to run in the background? 

Thanks in advance! 

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Keith!

This is the default behavior when using quiz timers in Storyline 360; the quiz timer is paused if the user is on another tab. It sounds like you'd like the timer to continue running if the user moves away from the course. I'll hand it over to our community members to share if they've crafted a workaround to accomplish something similar.

Keith Kemsley

Hi Lauren!

Thanks for sharing this, and looking into this. Our research suggests the change took place in about the December, 2020 timeframe. Maybe a little after. We have about a dozen or so quizzes published prior to that which do have the timer continuing to run in the background. Maybe that will help? I did not see anything in the SL update announcements about the change so we weren't sure if it was intentional or not.