Timeline and Disappearing Edit Problems

Dec 17, 2019

On a mac (Catalina OS) with current Parallels 

I have disappearing graphics no matter what I have on the timeline.

I add a graphic that is supposed to go to the end of the timeline but disappears at the end of the slide - However, the graphic shows flush with the end of the timeline. When I preview (one slide preview) and scene preview - that graphic disappears. I have not idea how to fix this because it is showing where it is supposed to be on the timeline.

Also - Disappearing edits. I thought I was losing my mind.  I edit a slide, get it where it should be and then when I go back to review (later) the edits are gone. 
I constantly save - with each slide but I am wondering why it appears that what edits I make are NOT being saved. I am using the "save" icon to save changes. I am on a project and not being able to meet timelines due to these issues. I need some insight QUICKLY. I have never experienced this before.


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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Nancy. I'd love to help investigate the vanishing graphics and unsaved edits! 

Are you comfortable with sharing an affected .story file for testing? You can send it privately by using this link or attach it publicly here.

 In the meantime, I'll try my best to help you sort these issues without seeing the file.

  1. Vanishing graphic: When you right-click this object on the timeline, is it set to Show Until End or another option? (More on changing the timing and duration of objects here!)
    • Also, any chance there's an animation applied to the graphic? 
  2. Unsaved edits: Are you saving locally on a C: drive, or do you use a shared or network drive?
    • Is this happening on multiple files or a particular one?
Nancy P. Hemenway

Thanks for answering. I have several slides  where text boxes and / graphics disappear at the end of the timeline. When I look at the timeline - these elements are all flush with the end bar.  I cannot figure out why this is happening. Yes, most of the graphics AND textboxes are animated.
Is the "Show until End" only relevant to graphics? And where do I find that command (Show to End)

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