Timeline and text captions

Sep 01, 2016


I have a video and with instructional text that is timed to the video. I am using cue points in the video. I set the video to stop at each cue point so that the learner can read the text as the video plays. Then when the learner clicks continue the text will disappear and the video will continue playing and then display the next set of text...and so on and so forth. 

I have noticed that in some cases after I click continue, there is a bit of a lag in the text disappearing from the screen. This doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen. 

My logic:

  • Pause timeline when it reaches a cue point with text being displayed.
  • Change the state of my continue button to normal when it reaches a cue point
  • Click the continue button to resume timeline and hid text.
  • Timeline continues and next set of text displays.

Is there perhaps a variable I can use to to make my transitions more crisp? Has any seen this before? Thoughts? I have attached an image of my timeline and triggers.




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