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Jan 10, 2018

Hello,  I am using Storyline 2.  There is one slide in my course where the timeline doesn't automatically begin when I test it in Preview (also when it is published for our LMS).  I've set up the timeline so that I can see an image and hear the audio begin a few seconds after moving to the slide (see image below). 

I can get the timeline to work:

  1. If I move to the next slide and click the Previous button (the timeline automatically starts). 
  2. If I click the Play button in the controls at the bottom of the screen.

 Timeline Setup

There are no triggers other than the Jump to Next Slide and Jump to Previous slide.  There is only the Base Layer.  There are no States.

Any suggestions on what would be preventing the timeline from automatically playing on this one slide of the course?

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Karen Anderson


Thank you for responding to my inquiry. Yes, I have the latest version of Storyline 2. Even after zipping the file, it exceeds the allowable limit allowed by my email system. Is there another way that I can send the file to you?

I've only included a few slides from the course. As I was adjusting the course I discovered that the problem actually seems to be with the Sequence quiz slide (see below). If I remove it then the timeline automatically begins on the next slide. If the Sequence quiz slide is moved to another location, it prevents the timeline from playing on the following slide.


Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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