Timeline duration managment

Apr 03, 2017

Not sure if I am missing a feature or it does not exist. Adjusting extra long timelines is a pain as it seems the only method is to drag the end to the right and so reduce the overall length. 
It seems to me that part of the time line seek-bar space could be used to accommodate a value which indicates the timeline duration of the active slide/layer, this value should also be editable. In this way a 405s timeline copied from elsewhere can easily be reduced to say 15s by adjusting the timeline duration value.
Any ideas available on this?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Bones,

Here's a handy way to quickly shorten the duration of the timeline: click and drag the end of the timeline to the left, and as you're dragging, hit the left arrow key on your keyboard. The timeline will jump back to the object with the longest duration on your timeline.

You can also use CTRL+Mousewheel to adjust the timeline zoom.

I like your idea of including an editable value somewhere on the timeline which indicates the duration, and I'd be glad to pass that along to our product team. Thanks for being a part of the community!