Timeline images go out of synch with the seek bar

Jul 31, 2018

I have noticed the seek bar seems disrupt the timing of images on the timeline.

At the start of the slide, the image will run as timed. However, if the learner adjusts the seek bar (moves the recording back or forward), the images will no longer be in synch with the slide.

For example, we are using captions with a voice recording. If the learner adjusts the seek bar to hear an earlier part again, the captions will no longer match the recording.

Is there away to keep this from happening?

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Christopher Danello

Unfortunately, I'm not able to share the content. However, your advice helped. I realize one of the issues is the fact that we have the recording on the main slide and the captions on a layer.

We are also using the seek bar option from the customize properties. So I can see why the seek bar controls the recording and not the captions.

Is there anyway to connect the slide layer to that seek bar? Or is there a way to create a seek bar as a trigger/control insert?

We have talked about upgrading to SL3. Would that upgrade address any of these issues?

Crystal Horn

Hi Christopher.  Great questions!  You can make the timeline and seekbar on layers independent from the base layer by manipulating your layer properties.  See this tutorial, specifically the section on changing layer properties and the "allow seeking" behavior.

Storyline 3 includes closed caption tools.  Closed captions become an element of the player, so that would remove some of the concern about on which layers captions appear and whether they become out of sync with your audio.

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