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Oct 17, 2012

I have added the seek bar to my presentation and have noticed that it allows me to seek through mulitiple slides. It will no longer seek if I get to a slide that has interaction on it. I just assumed that the seek bar would end at each slide. The slides are set up with two triggers; one that advances at the end of the timeline and the other allows the user to click the next button (on the player). Is there a way to stop the seek bar from going through multiple slide at one time?

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Mike Enders


Are you saying that the slide is advancing to the next by itself?  Or are you saying that multiple slides are being played via a single scrub of the seekbar?  In other words, the seekbar is acting like a global seek for the entire course?

If it's simply advancing to the next slide by itself, you could (1) set the slides to advance by user and (2) get rid of the trigger to advance at the end of the timeline.  That should clear it up.


Mary Sprengert

No, it's acting more like the global seek. So if they use the seek bar, it moves through multiple slides. I thought the seek bar would only go as far as the end of each slide. We have the next button as an option, to enable the participate to view at their pace, but also set it so that it will automatically advance if they don't use the next button option.

Do you think it could be a bug?

Mike Enders


I think I see what the issue is.  When you scrub the seek bar, are the slides advancing quickly when your arrow is all the way to the right?

In other words, when your mouse moves from left to right through the first 3/4 of the seek bar, the slides don't change. It's only when you scrub it to the end that they start flipping?

This is likely caused by your triggers to jump to the next slide when timeline ends.  By keeping your mouse scrubbed to the right with the mouse button pushed, you're activating that trigger immediately when it skips to the next slide because your keeping the mouse at the end of the seekbar.  So each slide that pops up reads the mouse at the end of the bar, meaning the timeline has ended, so the next slide trigger fires.

Removing the end of timeline jump trigger should fix this.  I'd have to see your source file to be sure...but I'd start there.


Killian Holmes

Brett Rockwood said:

Ahhh... if you've found a way to have the seek bar scrub multiple slides I'd love to know how you did it. This is something I'd love to be able to do, especially for software simulations, but I don't think it's implemented in the current version of SL.

I'd really like this for software simulations also. It doesn't exist...yet. I've put in a feature request.

Mark Magnussen

I'm in the same boat.  The seek bar shows up on the first slide but not on subsequent slides.  I'm trying to figure out a way to allow my users to pause the program.  My first thought was a radio button.  Then I saw the seek bar on another course I'm developing and thought that would be great.  But it it doesn't show up on any of the subsequent slides.  Please let me know if there are any tricks I can use to make this happen.  

Mike Enders


It's possible that you have the seek bar enabled only for that slide.  

First, check the player to see if you have the seekbar set as a standard player feature.

Next, check the slides from Storyview to see if the seek bar is selected or deselected.  If you see "Custom for selected slides" it's possible that the seekbar is disabled for those slides.

To sum it up...the general player properties are set in the player settings.  But you can then set custom items per slide from storyview.


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